resources and whatnot

my bibles

w3schools - website where you can learn html, css, java and other programming languages

piximperfect - the modern jesus when it comes to photoshop. seriously, i'm pretty sure that unmesh knows EVERYTHING about photo editing and his tutorials are extremely high quality and easy to follow. 10/10 absolutely recommend

free stuff! free stuff! free stuff!

photopea - free online photo editor that is INSANELY similar to photoshop. used it for some months and i barely felt the difference

imgur - image hosting service with no storage limits for free

unsplash - high quality stock photos

pexels - another site with high quality stock photos BUT there's also high quality videos

flaticon - thousands of icons available in different formats and styles

productioncrate - vfx and sfx footage, royalty free music, graphic assets, you name it!

bensound - home of the infamous one minute diy ukulele song. there's also a bunch of other nice royalty free songs

freesound - huge database of sounds licensed under creative commons

google fonts - catalogue of fonts that are all free and open source, so you don't have to worry about licenses

dafont - lots of fonts that are usually free for personal use

1001 fonts - can you tell that i like browsing fonts by now

your free templates - pretty nice powerpoint maps that have made my geography presentations look ten times better

even more free stuff! (just... don't ask where it came from)

consoleroms - i think the name's pretty self explanatory

view comic - lots of comics. i'm not sure if they are up to the latest releases, but i've found some comics that i couldn't find anywhere else there, so that's neat

loonascans - high quality scans of photobooks and other merch of girlgroup loona

some youtube channels i like

linh truong - she has a bit of everything! her videos are very cosy and i think it's the only channel whose uploads i religiously wait for every week lmao

d'angelo wallace - commentary channel with a great sense of humour. for legal reasons i also have to add that he is Very Handsome. he currently uploads his full length scripted videos to his main channel (the one linked here) and 10 minute highlights of his twitch streams in his secondary channel

tom scott - not sure how to describe his channel but if you haven't watched a video of his yet (really? do you live under a rock?) you won't be disappointed

la zona cero - channel in spanish about animation with videos that range from very insightful reviews to reactions to hideous films (if you can even call them films)

gutsy studygirl - my favorite study with me channel! i love her rainy videos


over the garden wall karaoke - playlist with otgw karaoke videos. the cool thing is that some of these instrumentals are official but not found in the original soundtrack

the b├ęzier game - game to practise your pen tool skills

blackpinkofficial - tumblr database of anything you can imagine about girlgroup blackpink with tags, so it's somewhat easy to search specific things

blank page - a simple notepad with a wordcount and light/dark mode. that's literally it but i use it a lot so i felt like i needed to add it